Julia Rann
I create smart and convenient products, and help businesses to earn money with such products.
I offer mentorship, consulting, and other forms of collaboration.
Years in IT
4 years
C-level experience
(ex. Julia Suvorova:)
About me

I work in IT since 2011 and have experience in UX, audience research, web and product analytics, product and IT team management. I have both consulting experience and many years of experience working in-house on B2C projects as a CPO. I am most proficient in TravelTech, digital media, FinTech, and e-commerce. I am able to speak the language of business/founders/investors, make decisions at tactical and strategic levels, do different types of analytics myself, apply ready-made frameworks and create my own, develop teams and product culture. I advocate for a product approach within companies. My main superpower is system approach. I can turn chaos into order and make it manageable.

The products I have worked on have improved their business performance, transformed processes,
shown multiple growth and entered new markets.
2011-2014 Usabilitylab
Lead UX Analyst.
Conducting both qualitative and quantitative research, usability testing, and product consulting for Mariott, Metro-CC, Sberbank, Alfa Bank, VTB, Qiwi, mos.ru, and others. Designed the portal for nalog.ru (Federal Tax Service). Created a methodology for rating the UX of mobile banking in Russia. Implemented Win8 guidelines for applications in collaboration with Microsoft.
2014-2017 AGIMA
Head of UX and Product Analytics Department.
Conducted comprehensive product research (market analysis, UX research, audience segmentation, economic analysis of monetization) and strategic consulting for companies such as Alfastrakhovanie, Aeroflot-Bonus, Russian Gazette, Vedomosti, MEGA, Worldclass, and others.
2017-2018 Vedomosti
Product manager of subscription.
Developed subscription monetization for the publisher (which accounts for 50% of total revenue). Increased the subscription base by 1.5 times. Developed new channels for audience acquisition and retention, including the use of big data technologies with an ROI of 300%+.
2018-2023 Level.Travel
Achieved annual business growth of 2x even during crises. Established product culture and processes from scratch, managed a team of 70+ product managers and R&D department. Significantly improved product quality, reflected in the growth of product metrics.
Education and certificates

  • Basic education - Institute of Psychology, Sociology, and Social Relations at Moscow State Pedagogical University (IPSSO MSPU) with a specialization in "Clinical Psychology."
  • Google Analytics IQ certification, 2014
  • "Certified Usability Analyst" certification - Human Factor International, 2016
  • "Certified Customer Experience Analyst" certification - Human Factor International, 2017
  • "Product Owner" course - Binary District, 2019
  • "Emotional Intelligence for Managers" course - Binary District, 2020.
More about cases
Годы: 2018-2023
Роль: CPO

  • Product with 3+ million MAU
  • Multiplied revenue and business turnover annually.
  • Created and managing a hierarchical system of metrics. Increasing key business indicators, such as landing and funnel conversion, successful order rate, and level of back-office automation.
  • Established an R&D department consisting of 8 product verticals, recruiting, training, and developing a strong product team. Managing a department of 70+ people.
  • Developed the product research department, conducting A/B tests and fast hypothesis validation.
  • Implemented a BI system throughout the company and integrating a data-driven decision-making culture.
  • Established strategic partnerships with Tinkoff, Ozon, Yandex, Alfa Bank (up to 15% turnover).
  • Designed and launching new products (internal startups), including proprietary technology for packaging "on-the-fly" tours.
  • Crisis management in 2020-2022.
  • Entered new markets: launching sales from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and other countries.
Годы: 2017-2018
Роль: Product manager of subscription

  • Product with 8+ million MAU
  • Increased subscriber base and reducing customer churn.
  • Experimented with various subscription models (hard paywall, soft paywall, ppa) and sales attribution models.
  • Implemented high-tech products for media: AI algorithms for SMM, speech synthesis for articles, ML modules for editorial admin, recommendation mechanisms for article ranking, and reporting automation in the company. Created and connecting big data models to manage announcements of paid materials on social networks (ROI 300%+) and dynamic remarketing. Implemented Doubleclick for publishers and programmatic purchases. Increased the share of organic traffic from search engines (SEO).
  • Created a system of metrics for editorial and marketing teams, implementing a BI system.
  • Collaborated with the editorial team on data journalism.
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative audience research, segmenting the target audience, and analyzing UX.
  • Redesigned the web version of the publisher based on cust-dev and business goal analysis.
Product consulting and outsource
SaaS provider under NDA
Years: 2016-2017

Market analysis, finding the product-market fit, brand anchors and brand positioning. Creation of a strategy for pushing a new brand to the market to pitch for investment. My role - coaching of performers, CPO on the project.
Years: 2016-2017

Comprehensive research on shopping mall audiences. Development of a digital strategy for developing digital communication channels. Development of a brief for designing a new website.
Aeroflot Bonus
Years: 2016

Audit and quality improvement of service interfaces for the "Aeroflot Bonus" program. Research and behavioral segmentation of program members. Analysis of the loyalty program's economics, assembling a new monetization model.
Years: 2015

Audience segmentation for a publication, UX audit, redesign interface design for the web version, and restructuring the directory. Support for the development of a new version of the website until implementation and smooth launch in an AB test.
Years: 2014-2017

Reducing CPA by 50%. Increasing the conversion of the insurance calculator funnel by 20%. Data-driven pricing, development of insurance rates. UX research for KASKO, competitive analysis, content experiments for optimizing the funnel. Development of a dynamic pricing service for the insurance calculator.
Tinkoff Insuarance
Years: 2016

Increase in the conversion of the calculator funnel by contextual FAQ, collected as a result of auditing customer inquiries. Testing hypotheses for increasing conversion to policy sales in a series of A/B tests.
Years: 2014-2015

UX research on user interactions with payment terminal interfaces; competitive research. Analysis of the effectiveness of the contextual prompt system.
Nalog.ru (Federal Tax Service)
Years: 2013-2014

Design of a new version of the nalog.ru portal, high-quality audience research, author's supervision, and interaction with development until launch.
VTB Russia
Years: 2013

Redesign of the VTB special project portal related to social responsibility, business investment in culture and science.
Years: 2013

Participation in an international research group of 17 countries on the study of user behavior with different ethnographic backgrounds on the hotel network site using eye-tracking technology.
Years: 2013-2014

Audit of applications (Steam, Kinopoisk, Gismeteo) for compliance with guidelines before launching the new Win8 OS in Russia.
Years: 2012-2013

Participation in a copyright litigation process in interfaces as an expert. Conducting a technological examination, preparing a comparative analytical report.
And over 30 more projects in e-commerce, FinTech, digital media, back-office systems.
Corporate education
Years: 2014
Training topics:
  • Organizing eye-tracking studies
  • Heuristic evaluation of interfaces
  • Conducting usability testing
NAT Kazakstan
Years: 2013
Training topics:
  • Usability at the stage of software requirements formation
Rugion (74.ru)
Years: 2013
Training topics:
  • Human-centered design as an approach to creating software products
Years: 2014
Training topics:
  • Conducting UX research
Lecturing activity
MaEd (maed.ru)
Years: 2020
  • Digital marketing strategies: audience and USP formation (lectures within the "Internet Marketer" course)
AGIMA University (uni.agima.ru)
Years: 2017
  • Semester course "Product Analytics"
Years: 2014-2015
  • Semester course "Web Analytics and Usability"
Moscow Technology Institute (MTI)
Years: 2013-2014
  • Stages of software product development
  • Project planning and team communication
  • Evaluation of interfaces. UX in e-commerce
  • Human-centered design methodology
RMA (rma.ru)
Years: 2012-2014
  • Semester course "UX and Usability" in the Management of Internet Business faculty.
Public activity
"How and where to find a new audience for your business" - Pressfeed Academy, 2022
"Levelization: how a game helped to improve development processes" - Teamlead Conf, 2020
"Perfect Storm, or How to do Travel in 2020" - meetup 1000 seconds. Actual practices of product design, 2020
"Buy it, don't know what: usability and subscription in the media" - RIF, 2018
"Predictive algorithms for subscription media" - GoAnalytics, 2018
"Post-acquisition: Product Analytics" - Yandex Webmaster Conference, 2016
"The flip side of web analytics" - GoAnalytics, 2016
Episode for Moscow-24 "City Mobile Applications", 2014
"Big Data for Insurance Products" - Big Data Conference ICBDA, 2016
"Analytics without Data" - GoAnalytics, 2015
"UX without Compromises" - RIW, 2014
"How to Insure Your Health Without Losing It" - Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2014
How can we collaborate
For product managers, product analysts, and other related specialists. We develop product skills, solve specific business tasks, deal with complex cases, and advance in our careers. Coaching and/or supervision format.
Corporate and individual training and workshops on UX, audience research, product analysis, design thinking, process building, digital transformation, project and product management.
Tracking of startups
Tracking startups and projects from the hypothesis stage to pitching, launch and growth. Searching for product-market fit, rapid hypothesis testing, strategy formation, team building, MVP design, pitch preparation, agile launch, work with metrics.
Strategy consulting
Diagnosing business growth points, conducting strategic sessions for top management of companies, transforming business processes, tracking implementation of changes based on session results.
Coaching of product teams
Work with concrete teams and projects using different methodologies. Increasing team level, implementing of product culture, building processes. Work with business metrics of the product with the team.
Any product help
Supervision of the work, help with onboarding into new product, testing tasks review, help with hiring of products and any other job where you need external experience.
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